Mahudi International Corp,

Mahudi Intíl is an importer of readymade women and menís fashion clothing at an affordable price. We have been in Business for over 30 years.


Company Profile

    Mahudi primarily caters to large retail chain programs. We import a full line of women and menís clothing, and let the buyers choose what they want in their stores, Mahudi also imports clothing for small retail stores.

    Our line of fabrics consists from the basic to the latest fashion looks. Fabrics range from materials such as cotton, rayon, and polyester to more elaborate ones such as organza, stretch velvet, and foil denim. Our seasonal line caters to both tropical and cool climate. Our selection ranges from junior fashion fads to career wardrobe. Along with the junior, missy, and plus sizes (18-24); we also cater to super size women (size ranging from 26 to 36). We import over 1000 styles a year.